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Tandoori Specialties

All dishes served with Basmati Rice Peas Pilaf

• Tandoori Chicken

Spring Chicken marinated overnight in our special marinade of yogurt with freshly ground spices skewered and grilled to your taste over a life flame.

• Chicken Tikka Kabab

Succulent boneless pieces of marinated chickend grilled in the Tandoor.

• Lamb Seekh Kabab

Mildly spiced minced lamb rolls, skewered and grilled over coal.

• Reshemi Chicken

Boneless breast marinated in herbs and spices cooked in the Tandoor.

• Lamb Tikki Kabab

Marinated cubes of lamb prepared in the Tandoor.

• Tandoori Fish

Pieces of fresh fish grilled to perfection

• Prawn Tandoori

Prawn marinated and broiled on a coal flame.

• Punjabi Lamb Chop (a recipe from the Adekali Village of Punjab)

Tender lamb chops marinated with ginger, freshly ground herbs, then grilled over charcoal in the clay oven.

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